Not less money, but the company. After a short stay with the MPS Group, I’m moving onto Less Everything, an incredible design and ruby on rails development company.

Why? Didn’t I just get a new job?

It isn’t news that I got married in November and my husband, Brad, has been working full-time with the local school system. He loves teaching, but with his background in TV production his dream job is researching and writing for documentaries. Since my career was more lucrative it made sense for us to follow that path, but after several heart-to-hearts it became obvious that he needed more. And, I need him to be happy and my equal if I want our marriage to be a priority. So, I’ve metaphorically picked up the Jacksonville anchor and if the right wind comes we’ll be able to follow.

Brad is actively seeking a documentary production position and as a well-connected bunch, please let me know if any of you have contacts in the industry. It would be greatly appreciated. My current company is also actively seeking to fill my position as Internet Marketing Manager. The job is posted over at Search Engine Journal’s SEO Job Board. I really enjoyed the company and everyone there and am sad to leave. If you’re interested, email me (rhea_drysdale [at] to discuss any questions you might have. There’s still a ton to do.

Why did I move to Less Everything?

The crew is incredibly talented when it comes to design and development and there’s huge potential for online marketing. After meeting Steve at the local Refresh meetings I loved his drive and that’s evident in every project the team tackles. I want to give my best work to them and I already know I’ll learn a ton in return. Considering the logistics, I can also work from home and relatively anywhere in the world, which is ideal for our unknown future with regards to Brad’s career and our physical location. Fortunately, Steve’s in Jacksonville, so for as long as we’re here I should be frequenting Sippers on Fridays!

For Allan and Steve’s take on the move, visit the Less Blog.

And, for anyone that was following the hidden identity of She-Ra on Twitter, the secret is finally out:

Rhea Drysdale as She-Ra