After my post on Yahoo! Live for SEO and my own channel creation at RheaLIVE, I’ve been keeping tabs on a few things and it looks like Jason Calacanis just created his own Yahoo! Live channel, JasonNation. I’m sure this has everything to do with my story! :)

Perhaps not, but the his attention will surely bring more users.

Also worth noting, a local contact, Ben McDonald (aka Beebe4), just created his own channel as well.

And, I found my favorite channel so far, CartmanTheDog. He’s a beautiful golden retriever that’s been licking peanut butter out of a jar for a solid half hour. It doesn’t get better than that!

In all seriousness, the potential is huge. Now if Yahoo could just make some changes before they lose us…

Requests for Yahoo! Live:

  • Ability to befriend or subscribe to channels.
  • A portal where I can see which of my friend’s channels are live at any one time.
  • Improved channel tracking. Besides the number of viewers, I want to see referrers to my channel and where viewers are located. Also, how long did they stay on the channel?
  • An option to save a copy of the message board after a live show.
  • I would also like the option to save the show itself.
  • The option to customize the way the page is laid out. Maybe I only want to see the channel screen and no one else in the room. Or, maybe I want to see up to eight channel users at a time.
  • Increased channel protection. The only two options seem to be “find me in search” or “send a link out” but I would like to see a security feature that requires a password or other verification before viewing.
  • Definitely the option to delete or clear a message board after a show has ended.
  • I’d also like the option to get notified via Twitter or IM when a friend goes live. Conversely, give users the option to turn notification on/off.
  • Increased profile customization. Besides the channel name and description can I have a little more meat? Likes, dislikes, location, age, website, social network links, etc.
  • A channel bulletin board would be fun to post important notes about the show as well as a schedule/calendar feature.
  • A lot of this could be shuffled into a paid versus free account and I’d like to see more corporate solutions (not just personal channels).

There’s a ton more I’d like to see, but I’ll leave things as is for now.

Thanks Yahoo!