Why I can’t wait for Scary SEO:

  1. I’m going home to Florida! Who knew it got so cold in upstate New York?
  2. David Snyder is my hero. Thanks for putting this entire thing together!
  3. Jordan Kasteler is going to teach us black magic. How else can he get 57 posts a day hot on Sphinn?
  4. I get to carpool for six hours each way with not just amazing SEOs, but some of my favorite people of all time: Carolyn Shelby, John Santangelo and Todd Weise.
  5. My diet will consist of something other than pizza… YAY! (I blame Lisa and Pat)
  6. Did I already mention it’s in Florida? Sweet tea and grits here I come!
  7. Amazing speakers: Jeff Quipp, David Snyder, Jordan Kasteler, Martin Bowling, Loren Baker, Brandy Eddings, Pamela Lund, Carolyn Shelby, Brian Chappell, John Carcutt, Ross Dunn, Brian Carter and Chris Hart
  8. I’ll be speaking in costume… that’s right, it’s Scary SEO. Who’s with me?
  9. There’s something unique about this conference, but I can’t give it away, yet.
  10. Another IM Charity Party, reserve your spot now.
  11. I’ll get to catch up with Loren Baker on politics, assuming Google restores his life by then.
  12. Ninjas are invading Boca Raton (help me, they won’t leave me alone, did you see their violent threats on Twitter just for dinner?)
  13. Amazing sponsors: Search & Social, Agency Web, Bruce Clay, Fuel Interactive, SearchEngineWatch and SEOmoz
  14. Martin Bowling will probably be on post-op pain killers, which has to be amusing.
  15. We’ll probably learn a lot.
  16. We’ll probably make a lot of business deals (have to say I’m still seeing the return from Think Tank, I hope Scary SEO can live up to it)
  17. It’s in FLORIDA!
  18. Brian Chappell is always the highlight of every conference I go to, so I can’t wait to see what legends are born this time, right Mute Lion?

This is the third conference in a month amid a cross-country move and job change… whew!

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