Lisa Barone’s Feeling Lucky

In what is perhaps the worst kept secret in SEO, Lisa Barone joins We Build Pages!

More important (to me at least) is that she is my new neighbor and I don’t mean cubicle neighbor, my actual house neighbor! Now I can torment Lisa endlessly about her cat falling from windows and I can forget to invite her to things like pumpkin picking every day of the week.

All joking aside, I’m giddy with excitement about working with Jim, Pat and now publicly, The Lisa! Her decision was one of the strongest factors in mine. So, Lisa, welcome to the team (and Troy, NY bawhahaha)!

Lisa Barone Moves to Troy, NY

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  1. avatar Lisa Barone Says:

    Not FUNNY!

    I know where you live…

  2. avatar pat Says:

    No messing with Rhea! I know where you live Lisa….

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