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Rule Breakers Make Great Entrepreneurs

I’m obsessed with Yvon Chouinard, the Founder of Patagonia, and his anti-business, business philosophies. Not only is he incredibly successful, but he did it without compromising his values. Just check out their Company Info page; you won’t find a jargon-filled… Continue Reading →

Outspoken Media

This is an obligatory and very late post! For the record, I co-founded Outspoken Media, an Internet marketing company, back in January 2009. We’ve been working our asses off since then and I let my personal site fall into that… Continue Reading →

I Can Haz Your Nutz?

You know what amazes me about upstate New York? Squirrels. They’re really fat. Between their winter weight and thick hair they’re easily twice the size of Floridian squirrels. You know what else amazes me about upstate New York? The crazies…. Continue Reading →

Scary SEO Rocks My Monkey

Why I can’t wait for Scary SEO: I’m going home to Florida! Who knew it got so cold in upstate New York? David Snyder is my hero. Thanks for putting this entire thing together! Jordan Kasteler is going to teach… Continue Reading →

Lisa Barone’s Feeling Lucky

In what is perhaps the worst kept secret in SEO, Lisa Barone joins We Build Pages! More important (to me at least) is that she is my new neighbor and I don’t mean cubicle neighbor, my actual house neighbor! Now… Continue Reading →

Troy, NY Contributes to Global Warming

Climatologists at NASA are reporting increases in CO2 levels from upstate NY, to be precise, the offices of We Build Pages in downtown Troy. The leading cause appears to be a sudden migration of sexy SEOs from Hawaii and Florida… Continue Reading →

Let’s Start a Rheavolution!

Operation redesign complete. Check it out: RheaDrysdale.com. I used Quadro from Elegant WordPress Themes. Then I customized it with my She-Ra colors from Twitter. Who says red and pink clash? Next I upgraded WordPress, my giant heap of plugins and… Continue Reading →

Bruce Clay, Think Tank 2008 and Scary SEO

After finally “meeting” Jacksonville SEO, Jim Summer, on a local surfing message board, I realized I’ve neglected my blog for the longest period of time, yet. I’d like to think I have a good excuse, because the guys at Less… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Twitter Error Message

What’s your favorite Twitter error message? Here’s mine: “Twitter is over capacity. We’ll try to lighten the load and have things back to normal soon.” A refreshing break from something is technically wrong! Runner up: Now if everyone would stop… Continue Reading →

25th Annual ACCM Show and Future Plans

This past Monday I spoke at the ACCM 2008 show at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL. It was my first national speaking gig and I’d like to say for the record that, no I did not throw up… Continue Reading →

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