This past Monday I spoke at the ACCM 2008 show at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL. It was my first national speaking gig and I’d like to say for the record that, no I did not throw up from nerves like I thought I would.

The session was “Secrets for Getting More & Better Links for Higher Search Rankings,” catchy huh? It was actually a really fun topic and I need to thank one of my SEO idols, Stephan Spencer, for the opportunity. He moderated the session and gave everyone a brain overload with the introduction. That set the bar really low for me, because everyone was drooling from too much mental stimulation. Other panelists were social media expert, Neil Patel, and Seth Besmertnik, CEO of LinkExperts. Seth wins for best presentation since my computer-challenged husband exclaimed, “I learned some things!”

Rhea Drysdale speaking at ACCM Show 2008

The session was covered by WebProNews.

I only got to attend one other session, but it was Online Reputation Management for Direct Marketers featuring Lee Odden and Rob Key. They did a phenomenal job and interestingly covered a lot of the companies I featured in my Less Everything blog post on “The 5 Most Hated Companies Online.” I’ve been on the fixing and causing ends of reputation management issues, either way it’s frustrating. Lee and Rob did a great job with the subject as two of the industry’s leading experts.

So, what’s next for Rhea?

This weekend is Brad’s family reunion in Panama City Beach. It’s the usual… food, beach, family, food and more food!

The week after next I head to Seattle for the now SOLD OUT SMX Advanced where I’ll be covering sessions again and interviewing experts for Search Engine Journal with the amazing Eric Lander. I can’t wait to spend time with some of my favorite SEO buddies (you know who you are and that statement leaves things open so I don’t offend anyone like Matt who I can’t really stand).

After SMX Advanced I’m heading to Glacier National Park for a week and a half to spend time with my mom and step dad who are working at the park over summer. Brad flies out to join us for the last half. Should be amazing and I’m trying to convince some SEO friends to join for the first part… interested? The campground has free WiFi!

If our paths are going to cross, hit me up rhea [at]