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Why did I create a search engine for SEO tools?

I’m always searching for tools that accomplish a very specific task. If there’s something out there then I’ll use it, otherwise I need to get my idea scoped out and prioritized by the development team. While searching for specific SEO tools I noticed how frustrating it was when I’d click on a result only to find that it’s just a linkbait article or review. I didn’t want the fluff, I just wanted a big list of tools! So, I decided to create my own search engine with Google’s ingenious Custom Search Engine.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Am I missing a tool?

I’ve spent a few hours submitting and filtering the results, but it will always be a work in progress. Help me refine it. Drop me a tweet and I’ll consider inclusion of new tools.

Is a tool broken or malicious?

Tweet me. Inclusion doesn’t mean I’ve tested all of the tools nor do I necessarily recommend them.

If you find the engine helpful, all I ask is that you bookmark, tweet or stumble this page to spread the joy of finding what you were need!