Where’s Rhea been?

I had to put my professional life on hold for a few weeks and it won’t be 100% again until the New Year. A long time ago I realized I can only juggle one or two great projects at a time. So, for the past several weeks I’ve been solely dedicated to pulling off one of my proudest projects – my wedding.

I’m sure this doesn’t sound like a huge feat to many of you or you don’t understand why it’s so stressful… you’re probably a man. All I can say is both of my parents have been married three times each. This had an enormous impact on my views of marriage and I had to do things my way because I only intend on having one partner for the rest of my life. As an environmental activist it was also important that I make the event as low-impact as possible while not terrifying the attendees. Trying to plan a green wedding in Jacksonville, FL was like trying to put a round peg in a square hole… it ain’t going to fit no matter how hard you try. In the end, I had to compromise and for anyone that knows me, I’m as stubborn as they come, so this caused a bit of stress.

Fortunately, we had an absolutely amazing weekend from which I’m still riding high. We laughed, cried, danced and enjoyed every moment with our incredible families and friends. It was personal, warm, cider-filled, delicious, fun and unforgettable. Thank you to everyone that attended and everyone else that sent their congratulations and warm wishes!

The wedding stats:

  • 1 and a half years of preparation
  • 104 guests
  • $13,000+ cost
  • $200 veil covered in Swarovski crystals
  • 6 Xanax taken
  • 84 Xanax left
  • 7 cups of tea
  • Dozens of terrific friends and family
  • 1 lifelong commitment

Upon return to the real world:

  • 147 comments in moderation
  • 5 approved comments
  • 31 stumble requests
  • Countless Digg shouts
  • 1 busted blog
  • 1 upcoming SEO conference
  • 1 upcoming honeymoon

Some of the photos (check the rest out on Facebook and I’ill post a link to Flickr soon):

By the way, if anyone was motivated by Graywolf’s post about StumbleUpon kicking Google, Yahoo and MSN’s bums in Social Search, now is the perfect time to buy me a copy of “Planet Earth” on DVD. :)

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  1. avatar massa Says:

    What a killer wedding gown. You make a drop dead gorgeous bride in it!

    many happy returns from the Guru

  2. avatar Barry Schwartz Says:

    Huge congrats!!!! The wedding looked beautiful!

  3. avatar Jeff Quipp Says:

    Congrats Rhea! Looks like it was a gorgeous ceremony! Bet you’re glad to have that stress over and done with?

  4. avatar Christine Parfitt Says:

    The photos are beautiful – congratulations!

  5. avatar SearchCap: The Day In Search, November 20, 2007 - Seo Alchemist - How to make gold with SEO. Says:

    [...] Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cornelius, Rhea Drysdale [...]

  6. avatar Barry Welford Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both, Brad and Rhea. It looks as though that long planning really resulted in a beautiful wedding.

  7. avatar Karl Ribas Says:

    Congratulation Rhea! Photos look amazing. I’m definately going to be jotting down some of these ideas. :)

  8. avatar Loren Says:

    “$200 veil covered in Swarovski crystals”

    Tight! Swarovski is da bomb.

    Congrats Rhea & Brad! Can you send me some of that Xanax?

  9. avatar Glen Allsopp Says:

    Congrats on the wedding rhea, you look like a great couple.

  10. avatar Kalena Jordan Says:

    Well done Rhea & Brad! I bet you’re glad it’s all over. Gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing.

  11. avatar Dave Davis Says:

    Congratulations Rhea! You look amazing! I wish you and new hubby all the best for the future.

  12. avatar Matt Cutts Says:

    I’m a little late on this one, but just wanted to say “Congratulations!” Sounds like everything turned out wonderfully. :)

  13. avatar Demetrius Ford Says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful day. Enjoy the moment. You both looked spectacular and I am sure it was a most pleasurable event. Goodluck and God bless. Now get back to work:)

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    [...] this being my first Pubcon, it will also be my first conference as a married woman. In honor of that event, Brad Cornelius, my husband will be flying out on Wednesday to meet my [...]

  15. avatar Jeanne Breault Says:

    Better late than never, but I just found your blog! I was looking for interesting Jacksonville blogs in which I could become active (social networking, etc.) and saw yours…wonderful site!

    Congratulations on your recent marriage! Interestingly, I live across the street from the Adele Grage Center! We see lots of weddings there, so I usually don’t pay too much attention, but I’m sorry I missed yours!

    I wish you much wedded bliss, and wonderful success in your SEO business…I might be calling you about that one day!


  16. avatar Jeanne Breault Says:

    P.S. Is your mother-in-law Peggy Cornelius? I don’t know her personally, only by her successful reputation!

  17. avatar Steve Says:

    Congrats on the wedding. Looked like a great time.

  18. avatar Rhea is Working for Less | Rhea Drysdale Says:

    [...] isn’t news that I got married in November and my husband, Brad, has been working full-time with the local school system. He loves teaching, [...]

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