After finally “meeting” Jacksonville SEO, Jim Summer, on a local surfing message board, I realized I’ve neglected my blog for the longest period of time, yet. I’d like to think I have a good excuse, because the guys at Less Everything are keeping me busy and I’m loving the projects. I’ve also managed to enjoy two family vacations, one planned at Big Pine Key and the other unplanned (as a vacation) to Glacier National Park. Since SMX Advanced in June I’ve posted two of the SEO Expert Series interviews at Search Engine Journal and unbelievably there are four left, so go subscribe to SEJ if you haven’t already!

In the coming months you can expect to find me:

Guest Blogging at Bruce Clay

Lisa Barone is taking a vacation and for some ridiculous reason she handed the reigns of the Bruce Clay Blog to some of the smartest women in SEO. I made the cut, but for comedic value rather than smarts, why else would I be on Friday if only to stir things up? ::sigh:: Lisa already made me promise not to treat it like Sugarrae’s Guest Whore Week. So, mark your calendars, I’m crashing Bruce Clay on Friday, August 8th.

Attending Think Tank 2008

Dr. David Klein, the amazing brains behind the SEO Texas Holdem Tournament at Pubcon 2007, is working his event planning magic on a few good men (and women) at Think Tank 2008. Set in Del Mar, California, I’m still not sure if this is a vacation or a conference, but with the beautifully black talent that’s attending I couldn’t pass it up! Better yet, dk has me hard at work on a TOP SECRET mission that’s going to make this an amazing experience for all involved.

Speaking at Scary SEO

David Synder is organizing a mini search conference, Scary SEO (it’s the week prior to Halloween), in Boca Raton that is probably the best deal you can get for $200! What started as a fun little gathering of Floridian SEOs has blown up with some truly amazing speakers and sponsors including SEOmoz and Agency Web. Want to go? Register online for Scary SEO now.

And for some truly scary SEO, here’s a horrifying scene from ACCM… an interview with me on Realistic Link Building. I’m still a little newbie, so I haven’t perfected the sound bite. The interview is basically me rambling on about my intro to link building fifteen minutes a day, but I didn’t get into any of the real meat like the practical methods of how, where and when, which I did discuss during the presentation. I’d share them now, but I think my imperfect interview presence is a blessing in disguise… why give for free what others can pay $200 to hear at Scary SEO?