The moon taunted me for forty minutes this evening! From the time I got into my car and drove out of the parking garage, all I saw was the biggest, most beautiful moon of my life. Unfortunately, I was camera-less, which put me into a grumpy mood. As my husband has pointed out, “you don’t enjoy places. You take photos of them and then enjoy the pictures.” How sad is that? Fortunately, I’m not alone! This seems to be a common complaint for all photographers.

It’s still early, so I don’t have the eclipse shots, yet, but will hopefully snap them before I get heavily absorbed in my Guestwhore post for Sugarrae.

Anyways, here’s the moon from our porch (it looks like a sunrise!)

Moon from porch 2
Moon from the porch
February Moon
Edit: snapped some of the lunar eclipse and it was awesome. Also, just finished the guest post, so check it out tomorrow.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse Close Up

Good night!