Do you follow 10? 50? 100? 300? 1,000? 5,000? The sky’s the limit and you’re a social whore?!

This week, I reached my limit, which is just shy of following 100 twits. Of course, my limit is a delicate balance of hyper-active and inactive posters. Over the course of several months, I whittled off the Guy Kawasaki and Robert Scobles of the the world with great appreciation for their work, but extreme frustration with their tweets.

(Why do we call them tweets instead of twits anyway?)

I’ve also done some serious soul searching with regards to following SEO rockstars versus SEO noobs. At one time (and perhaps still), I was an SEO noob. Somehow, I ended up dining with SEO rockstars and friendships were formed. Does that make me an SEO rockstar? No, it makes me a part of their entourage (read: really lame).

So why does it matter? Because I feel guilty when I don’t follow a SEO noob since I was a noob just one year ago. Why do I do it then? Because I simply don’t have the time or patience to follow that many unknown individuals. When I know you (or have even had a handful of substantial exchanges via the web) it’s much easier to care about your opinion of Cloverfield, the story you just Sphunn and whether you think Heath Ledger overdosed or was killed by Elvis.

At this moment, I have 69 follower requests (entirely because of Andy Beal’s “75 Internet Marketing Gurus on Twitter“) and no time to slowly sort through each weighing whether I know the individual or their post rate will be a burden. In time perhaps my threshold will expand, but for now I can’t hold anymore and feel like a failed marketer for cutting off potential networking opportunities. Forgive me great SEO Whore God of Marketing!

*Please note – I use follower almost interchangeably with someone I follow because I have a private account and if I let someone follow me, I’m instantly following them. I know I could simply go public and not have this problem, but I don’t want that many people I don’t know reading my stream of consciousness, which is primarily how I use Twitter.

Thank you Rae for pointing out the reference error.


On a personal note:

I’d like to post more frequently over the coming months as I dropped off the planet after Pubcon. For those that weren’t aware, I took a two week honeymoon to Barcelona, Andorra and Paris over the holiday break. Upon our return we moved to a new home in Neptune Beach, FL and then work and First Coast Surfrider hit me like a ton of bricks. Growing up is overwhelming. :)