Refresh Jacksonville Social Media Presentation

Thanks to everyone that came out Thursday night to my Refresh Jacksonville social media presentation. It’s a topic I still continue to learn from and about, so if nothing else, I hope the presentation provoked ideas and questions. If you had questions that weren’t answered in the presentation or during Q&A, please feel free to post them here. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll consult with an expert on the subject like Tamar, Muhammad, Bill, Cameron or Michael who I milked for guidance and understanding over the past couple of weeks and snagged resources from for the presentation. Thank you again to everyone that attended and those that inspire my work and insights.

You can view photos of the presentation on Flickr or grab the powerpoint in the presentations section of Refresh.

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  1. avatar Ben Davis Says:

    Hey Rhea,

    Good job on the presentation – it fell very conversational and informal. I also learned some of those sneaky techniques of you search engine tamers (see – I’m gaming your junk now!). Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello.

    BTW, is this red tide killing you too?

    Ben Davis

  2. avatar Rhea Says:

    Ben – Thanks for coming out! After the next couple months I should be able to start making the Jax PHP meetups again. I really loved that group, same kind of feel (conversational, informal, educational and supportive!), I’ve just had to allocate time very carefully lately.

    As for the red tide, it’s killing me! I’ve been sneezing like mad, coughing and just feeling coldish all over. Definitely not fun living this close to the beach right now…. =)

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