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Let’s Start a Rheavolution!

Operation redesign complete. Check it out: RheaDrysdale.com. I used Quadro from Elegant WordPress Themes. Then I customized it with my She-Ra colors from Twitter. Who says red and pink clash? Next I upgraded WordPress, my giant heap of plugins and… Continue Reading →

Guestwhore Duties Complete

I had no clue what to write about, so I turned to my husband, Brad, for inspiration. I grilled him on the fundamentals of SEO in hopes that my insight would have rubbed off on him proving that I’m an… Continue Reading →

4 Ways Rhea’s Blog Could NOT Suck

The recently engaged search engine marketer and blogger, Karl Ribas (also of Search Marketing Gurus fame), tagged me to share 4 Ways to Improve My Blog. As I was busy getting married to Brad Cornelius, I had to put the… Continue Reading →

Miss Congeniality of Search Marketing Blogs

I just had a strange experience on the UK search marketing blog, Apple Pie & Custard (the Site Visibility corporate blog). I clicked on their article, The Top 10 Sphinn Avatars, and Why from Sphinn’s homepage hoping to see my… Continue Reading →

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